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    We hope everyone is doing well through the pandemic and continue to do so!
    With the rapid rise of more COVID-19 cases, it was decided to cancel the July shoot so that we can all remain safe and well.
    If there is to be an August shoot, it will be the regular format as any other Sansei fun shoot.
    Hopefully one day in the near future, we'll all be back on our squads and blasting targets!
    Until that time, please stay safe and well!

    Please check with the links below for the most current information.
    We will send out reminders when the event dates are confirmed.

    LA County Public Parks & Recreation Dept
    COVID-19 Reopening Updates:

    LA CLAYS Shooting Park website: for range updates

    SANSEI SKEET website: for 2020 shoot schedule updates

    Mark Van Ryzin: for squadding/shooter signups

    To be added/removed requests: for monthly email reminders

    Website related comments/corrections:

Sansei Skeet Events
We hold our fun shoot on a Sunday, every month, from February to December.
Our fun shoot in August determines the year’s Champ.

Our events are held at:

LA Clays
831 N. Rosemead Blvd.
South El Monte, CA 91733

For early squad assignment please contact
Mark Van Ryzin at Email:

2020 Schedule
February (Canceled) March (Canceled) April (Canceled) May (Canceled) June (Canceled) July (Canceled) August (Championship) September (Doubles Only) October (Youth Fundraiser) December (Toy Drive)
2/9 3/15 4/19 5/17 6/14 7/19 8/9 9/20 10/18 12/6
75 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets 100 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets 75 Targets
Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ: Champ:
Dates subject to change

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